Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology empowers your home with the tools and products to make it more safe, efficient and convenient than ever before.

We use only easy to set up devices that connect to your smart phone or tablet.

Giving you control of your home remotely from anywhere.

Leviton's Decora Smart with Wi-Fi technology line of products include:



-plug in modules (for appliances and lamps)

Using the "My Leviton" app for IOS and Android gives control of individual light switches, dimmers or plug in modules.

Schedules can be created like "Good Morning" to activate appropriate lighting at preset times.  For instance at 6:30AM every monday through Friday, turn the bedroom lights to 25% dimmed and bath lights to 50%.  

Exterior lights can be timed to come on at dusk for an hour, or turn them on when your expecting a delivery.

As well, Activities can be created so that you can set the lighting for "Movie Time" from the app as you begin your movie.

With products like:

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

the actions performed in the "App" can be Voice Controlled.

simply say "OK Google, dim dining light to 50%"

Smart thermostats "Learn" your preferences of when to adjust tempuratures.  For example warm in the morning, then set back during work hours and warm again in the evening.

These too can be "app" or "voice" controlled.

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