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The technology of converting solar energy into electricity usable in the home and feeding any excess generated back to the grid has changed significantly in recent years.  This has allowed systems to produce more energy in a smaller area, with fewer parts and less expense. 

Harnessing Solar Energy

1- The energy from the sun is converted into DC electricity at the solar panel.

2- The DC electricity is converted to AC electricity (like in your home) at the micro inverter attached to each panel.

3- This AC electricity is in sync with the electricity being provided by BC Hydro and is therefore able to be connected to the grid at the main electrical panel.

Sunlight is able to supply BC with an unlimited amount of clean energy.

Even on a cloudy day solar panels are producing.

BC Hydro charges a higher price for energy after going over a set number of Kilowatt hours per month (Which most homes do).  Even a small solar setup can reduce your usage just enough to fall into the lower price category and significantly reduce the bill.

It is possible to offset the entire electric bill during the summer months, and a portion of it during the winter.

With BC Hydro's NET METERING program:

-energy being created is used by your home when needed

-otherwise excess generated is fed back to the grid and you receive 10 cents per KWH 

​-That means you could have no power bills!

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